2019 Home Design Trends to Watch For

2019 Home Design Trends to Watch for in Kalamazoo, Michigan (MI) like Light Wood Floors
Every year,  trends change and update. We are here to help you keep up with those trends by providing you with a guide of home design trends to watch for in 2019 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


A big trend that you will see a lot of in 2019 is that of sustainability and biophilia. Basically, this means going for a more natural vibe. On a sustainability level, you will see people being more concerned with where their stuff comes from, who makes things for their home, what values do they stand for, and what was used to make it. You will see items made by hand become more popular. This includes things made out of jute, rice paper, and clay to make homes feel more in touch with the earth. In terms of biophilia, this means emphasizing the relationship between nature and humans. Stone, wood floors, daylight, and plant-life will become more prominent in design. These will remind us of the outside and allow nature into our homes.

Jewel Tones

In 2019, you will also see a lot of rich jewel tones. Bold hunter and emerald green, indigo, and teal all will all become popular, layered in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms with rugs, fabric accessories, paints, and art décor. To give these colors an edge, you will see them set against a backdrop of white to create drama.


Color is going to be big in 2019. No more dull rooms with no color or texture or neutral, cool grays. Instead, expect floral fabrics and wallpapers, maximalist art, feminine tones, primary colors, and graphic shapes.

Metal Accents

Mixed metal accents will also find themselves becoming more popular, this year. Of course, we don’t suggest mixing more than two or three different metal accents, but these accents will do a great job of creating balance and definition in a space. Brass, gold, or nickel accents will mix well with oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron, while silver and pewter look great with bronze and black brown metals.

Light Wood Floors

Light wood floors are also making a comeback and we are so excited for this. These floors create a much more open space that we are sure you will love. Choose from birch, beachy white, and light oak and they will reflect more light creating a brighter space.

  Warm Countertops

While marble will still be a classic choice, we will see a lot more warm and dark countertops in the coming year. You can expect a lot fewer stark whites and greys and will see more warm-based stones.
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