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Designer Fabrics & Trims

Our resource room houses thousands of designer fabrics. You'll find the perfect fabric in the color, pattern and texture that best suits your needs.  Mix large prints, plaids, checks, stripes, embroideries, solids, and geometrics to create interest. Combine your fabric with a designer trim for added detail.


Wallpaper is back! For years, wallpaper has gotten a bad wrap. Many are reluctant to jump back into wallpaper after the great expense and effort expended on tearing it down. But this isn't your grandmother's wallpaper anymore. Wallpaper adds color, texture  and dimension you just  can't achieve with paint. Be creative in your application...paper one wall or a ceiling.

Family Friendly Fabrics

Today there are so many more options in performance fabrics.  You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for durability. These fabrics are made to withstand lifestyles that revolve around children and pets. Learn more about these fantastic performance fabric options.
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