What You Can Do to Get Homes Holiday Ready

What You Can Do to Get Homes Holiday Ready in Portage, Michigan (MI) like Decorating Entryways
In this article, Design Details – conveniently located in Portage, Michigan (MI) – is here to tell you what you can do to get homes holiday ready in Portage, MI. We proudly offer an amazing selection of interior design products to help you get ready for guests.
Whether you’re hosting house guests for the weekend, a party or a meal, getting your house ready for the holiday season can be both fun and stressful. At Design Details, we have some tips for what you can do to get homes holiday ready in Portage, MI.

Focus on What’s Important

For most of us, our busy lives prevent us from updating and redecorating our entire homes. If you’re planning on having holiday guests and you’re not sure how you’re going to get everything done on time, don’t worry. Focus on the main spaces that your guests will see or be using. For example, the front entryway, the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas are where you should be focusing your attention. Don’t worry about your home office, the laundry area or the master bedroom at this point.

The Front Door

Front doors are the faces of our homes. Make sure your front door is visible and inviting. Turn porch lights on before guests arrive. Add a festive wreath and a doormat outside your door. Turn on the lights in the foyer, too.

The Entry Way

The first room guests see when they enter your home is the foyer or entryway. Make sure the lights are on in the foyer before the guests arrive. Remove any accumulated clutter, knick-knacks and mail that may be on your entryway table. During winter months, it’s a good idea to add a coat rack to the foyer. This creates more space in your home and it’s a quick and easy place for your guests to place bulky winter coats.

Holiday Scents

One of the first things guests will notice about your holiday-ready home is what they smell. For the winter season, candles and diffusers with festive scents are simple ways to make your home smell great.

Update Home Accents

An easy way to give your living areas a quick seasonal refresh is by switching out home accents. Changing out throw pillows from spring pastels colors to deeper, richer winter colors is a good place to start. Switch out throw rugs to similar, darker colors and heavier fabrics.


Nothing will make your home look and feel more clean and inviting than decluttering. Remove papers, accumulated knickknacks, children’s toys, and any other clutter, at last, while your guests are in your home. If you don’t have the time or energy to sort through the clutter, consider boxing it up and removing it from sight. Storage benches and ottomans are another great way to hide clutter and add more seating for your guests.

Holiday Decorations

Festive decorations are fun and will add to the holiday feel, but make sure you don’t overdo it with the decorations. Keep it simple. A few simple decorations are more than enough. Some designers suggest limiting decorations to one area in the home, like the mantle over the fireplace or the entryway table. Too many decorations can seem to look like clutter and feel overwhelming.

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