This Summer's Hottest Interior Design Trends

Summer Design Trends in Portage, Michigan (MI) Homes
In this article, Design Details—conveniently located in Portage, Michigan (MI)—are here to tell you everything you need to know about this summer’s hottest interior design trends. We also proudly serve the greater Kalamazoo area, including Kalamazoo, Portage, and Mattawan. Contact us today to learn more!
Summer is here, and with the rising temperatures comes the latest and hottest trends in the world of interior design. At Design Details, we have our finger on the pulse of the current trends in the ever-changing world of interior design and we proudly incorporate them into our client’s homes.

Ice Cream Colors

Capture the refreshing feel of summer all year long by incorporating the colors of your favorite ice cream flavors into your home decor. Pastels are a great way to add character to your home. Take the plunge and paint all of your walls in your favorite light and cheery colors. If you’re uneasy about committing to painting your entire space or you’re worried you may not love the colors in a year or two, go with a neutral color for your space and add pops of these ice cream inspired colors throughout.

Chrome Fixtures

Brass kitchen and bath fixtures are on their way out. That being said, shiny fixtures and accessories can add a look of sleek simplicity. Use tall, elegant fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom to create an elegant, luxurious look. Steer clear of short, stubby faucets and fixtures. Pay attention to the other colors in the room. Off-white, muted purple and gray add to the luxurious look with these sleek chrome fixtures.


While geometric patterns were on-trend in 2017, the trend continues and expands into 2018. One popular way to incorporate the geometric look into your home is by using geometric tiles. Use them in your walk-in shower, kitchen backsplash or flooring throughout your home. Geometric wallpaper makes a bold statement and can be perfect for accent walls. Geometric artwork, fabrics for throw pillows and rugs, and other geometric accent pieces are all great ways to incorporate the look into your home.


Every day we learn more and more about the added health benefits of incorporating house plants into our living spaces, and there’s nothing more relaxing than bringing a little bit of nature indoors. Add hanging plants for shelves and mantelpieces and some tall, leafy varieties for bare corners and side tables for added visual interest.

Mixed Textures

While rooms that feature all smooth textures can feel sleek and modern, it’s important to incorporate different textures into your living spaces to prevent them from feeling sterile and cold. Add other textures strategically to give your home more character and make it feel more like home. Consider adding a wool rug to tile or hardwood floors or a canvas wall hanging to add visual interest to a bare wall.


There are few other styles that feel like summer the way tropical prints and colors do. Opt for bright colors paired with gold accents to usher in the tropical feel. Large leaf prints are key to pulling the tropical look together.
Call Design Details today! Our team of experienced design professionals can create the perfect interior for your home that’s perfectly on trend for summer 2018. Stop by our beautiful showroom in Portage, MI. Proudly serving the greater Kalamazoo area, contact us today to get started with your next project!
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