Why Every Home Needs a Good Couch

Why Every Home Needs a Good Couch Near Kalamazoo, Michigan (MI) Like Sofas, Loveseats, and Sectionals
Your couch is often the centerpiece of your home, whether you realize it or not. It’s where friends gather to enjoy the big game, families come together for movie night, and couples can appreciate a quiet night in. No matter the size or needs of your household, there is a couch that can accommodate you. At Design Details, we have a gorgeous selection of sofas, loveseats, and sectionals and can certainly help you find the right style for your home. Read on to find out why every home needs a good couch.


Even if you don’t have a large family, it’s still nice to have a place you can sit with another human. As people, we crave interpersonal connections, and even something as simple as sitting on the couch and watching a movie with another person can give us that. Plus, it’s nice to have somewhere you can lie down, relax, and watch TV after a long day of work or when you’re sick. Loveseats are perfect for this because they aren’t too large, so they don’t take up much room. Plus, we have tons of different styles, so you can find something that’s comfortable for you and looks great in your home.


For slightly larger families, you probably want to opt for a sofa over a loveseat. While they do take up more room, they offer more seating and make more sense when you have more people living in your home. It’s also great if you have pets that you let on your furniture. Who doesn’t like to snuggle up with their fur baby and watch TV when they’ve had a bad day? We even have styles that are stain-resistant, are easy to get fur out of, or have colors that won’t show off your pet’s fur.


If you really like to entertain, your living room won’t be complete without a sectional. These couches can either be L-shaped or U-shaped and can fit a ton of people on them. This is perfect for Superbowl parties, girls’ nights, or really any other gathering centered in your living room. We offer easy-to-clean leather styles, luxurious fabrics, and practical synthetic fibers to meet any of your needs.

The best way to find the right couch for your home is to test a few out yourself! At Design Details, our showroom is conveniently located in Portage, Michigan, so you can easily come to check out our wide selection of sofas, sectionals, and loveseats. We also proudly serve the surrounding area, including Kalamazoo and Mattawan, MI, so come see us today! We can’t wait to help you design the home of your dreams.
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